HBO Max's Jean Smart Series Doesn't Have A Name Yet, But There's A Good Reason Why

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The untitled Jean Smart series coming to HBO Max does not have an official title, and it’s just months away from debuting on the streaming service. The series follows a young stand-up comedian who lands a job writing jokes for an older comedian who works nightly in Las Vegas.

During the TCA winter press tour, the cast discussed the upcoming show where they delved into why the series doesn’t have a name yet. “I think part of what the challenge has been for a title is [that] the show really is trying to say so much at once,” explained executive producer and series creator Lucia Aniello. “And I think to try to summarize so many different things with just one or two or three words is an interesting exercise, and I think we’re in the middle of that exercise right now.

“But the show is obviously about a larger-than-life person, Deborah Vance (Jean Smart), and it also has a two handedness to it, but it also has an ensembleness to it as well. There’s just so much that we want to say and so to kind of boil it down into just a quickie kind of a title is an interesting process, and I think we really are just trying to find something that feels like it represents what the show is.”

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