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HBO's Watchmen: 11 Questions We Need Answered In The Finale | Video Game Reviews - Video-Game.reviews

HBO's Watchmen: 11 Questions We Need Answered In The Finale

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We need some answers.

This is it. We’re officially just days away from the final episode of HBO’s Watchmen and while Episode 8, “A God Walks Into Abar,” gave us a bunch of critical answers about the show’s events, we’re still left with some major questions as we dive headfirst into the end.

Brace yourself: Major spoilers from here on out.

We now know that the reason Will knew about Judd in the first place was Angela, thanks to Doctor Manhattan’s ability to experience his entire personal timeline simultaneously. As Jon explains, it’s a real “chicken or the egg” paradox. But, mindbending as that explanation may be, it does fill in most of the major gaps in the Watchmen story. This entire chain of events–Will’s involvement in Trieu’s plan, his connection to the 7th Kavalry, the reason he decides to murder Judd and the reason he realized it was so important to give Angela his memories–all boils down to this moment. It happened because Angela herself, by way of Doctor Manhattan, inadvertently knocked the first domino over.

So, that explains the bulk of Angela and Will’s involvement in the story so far, but there are still other major players on the board. We’ve got some big questions about both Trieu and Veidt, as well as some of the side characters–remember Lube Man from Episode 5? How could you ever forget? Here are the 11 biggest ones we’d like addressed by the finale.

1. Was the trial part of the plan?

Miss Crookshanks, the prosecutor, delivered a passionate and overwhelmingly damning speech during the final day of Veidt’s year-long trial–but she capped the whole thing off by winking coyly back at Veidt. Is it possible that the whole trial, speech included, was actually part of Veidt’s scheme? He could have written Crookshanks’ entire monologue, similar to the way he crafted the play about Manhattan’s origin back in Episode 2. But, of course, if that’s the case, we have to wonder why. What was the point of having a trial in the first place if it was a farce?

2. Who was Lube Man?

No, seriously, who was Lube Man? Where did he go? Why was he even there in the first place? Who does that?

3. Who was Veidt signaling?

We know Veidt was calling for help, but the final word of his message was cut off. We could only see “help me” and then the letter “d.” Was he calling to Doctor Manhattan? A daughter? Dan Dreiberg?

4. What does the Millennium Clock do?

Obviously, the Millenium Clock is central to Trieu’s plan to “save humanity” but we still have no idea what it actually does or how it works. So far, our best guess is that it somehow affects memory–but we can’t be sure if it duplicates them (like the process of making Nostalgia), removes them (like the neumodialysis procedure), or does something else entirely.

5. Who is Lady Trieu’s father?

Lady Trieu told Angela that her father will definitely be there at the activation of the Millenium Clock, but she neglected to explain just who her father is and why he’s been so conspicuously absent from her life. Even the Peteypedia’s supplementary material about Trieu notes that she seems to have never really had a father–so just who should we expect to see show up? Is it Veidt? Doctor Manhattan? Someone completely new?

6. What’s up with the horseshoe?

During the post-credits scene of Episode 8, Veidt got his birthday cake yet again–this time with seven candles while he sits in jail–but instead of being handed the horseshoe by Mr. Phillips, he quickly realized it had been baked into the cake this time, sort of like one of those prison break clichés where a key is hidden in the food. Veidt seems elated by this development and starts using the horseshoe to dig at the ground under his cot. But why? What could the horseshoe possibly do here to help him escape and how has he known for years that he would need it eventually?

7. What was the meteor on the farm Trieu bought?

We still have no idea why Trieu strongarmed the Clark family out of their farm back in Episode 4, or what the object falling from space actually was. It would make sense, knowing what we know now, that it somehow relates back to Veidt, but as it stands right now, we have no way to be sure.

8. What’s up with Trieu’s Veidt statue?

Trieu’s Veidt statue has been a reoccurring image in her compound since we first visited back in Episode 4. Laurie called it out as odd for immortalizing Veidt as an old man rather than during his glory days, which makes us think there might be something more going on here. Is the statue somehow related to the object the fell from space on the Clark’s farm? Is Veidt somehow frozen in bronze carbonite?

9. Where’s Looking Glass?

Looking Glass’s fate may be seeming slightly less bleak than it did at the end of Episode 4 when he was followed home by a heavily armed squad of 7th Kavalry members, but that doesn’t mean we actually know what happened to him. In Episode 7, we saw Petey investigating the carnage of what looked like a massacre of the 7th K in LG’s bunker, and one of the corpses was pointedly missing their Rorschach mask. This probably means that LG is hiding in plain sight in the 7th K’s midst, but we didn’t see him at all in Episode 8. Hopefully, he wasn’t one of the people Angela and Jon mowed down in their front yard.

10. Why are elephants significant?

Lady Trieu’s entire dynasty seems to have a strange, but pointed, relationship with elephants. The Trieu logo is a stylized elephant head; her mother, Bian My, wrote a book called Pachyderm Mom; Angela’s neumodialysis donor was an elephant. There’s the old cliché about elephants never forgetting, which would fall in line with the themes of memory Trieu is so obsessed with, but is there more to it? Could elephants somehow factor into Trieu’s plan to “save humanity?”

11. Where and how is the 7th Kavalry getting their tech?

We know now that Trieu is at odds with the 7th Kavalry. She’s completely aware of their plan, and wants to stop it. But, we also know thanks to LG back in Episode 5, that the 7th K somehow has their hands on Trieu Industries tech. They’re experimenting with portals and harvesting lithium from watches. They’re planning on making an intrinsic field generator all their own. This begs the question: Where are “a bunch of racist Okies,” in Joe Keene’s own words, getting this sort of technology? Who is helping them? How are they managing to steal from someone as secretive as Lady Trieu?

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