Hearthstone "Descent Of Dragons" Bringing Back The Solo Adventure

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Hearthstone is closing out the Year of the Dragon by bringing back a mode that’s been dormant for years. Galakrond’s Awakening, the single-player component for the recent Descent of Dragons expansion, will eschew the trend of dynamic dungeon run events and instead introduce the first Solo Adventure since 2016. And that means a new mini-batch of cards to collect.

The event will release in installments on a weekly basis starting on January 21, and each will include two separate campaign chapters: one in which you play as the League of EVIL attempting to resurrect Galakrond, and another where you play as the heroic League of Explorers trying to stop them. In the process of working your way through the chapters, you’ll earn 35 new collectible cards, injecting some new ones into the meta mid-season. You can see the four revealed so far below.

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The last Solo Adventure was One Night in Karazhan in 2016, but this one will work a little differently. The default difficulty will have you take on bosses with pre-built decks, while the much harder Heroic difficulty will let you use your own card collection to build a deck that’s up to the challenge.

In the first installment, Battle of the Frozen Coast, the EVIL side will be free for all players and add four new cards. The League of Explorers portion will be available separately for $7 or 700 in-game gold, and will add seven new cards. The other three installments will cost the same price for both chapters combined, and include eight new cards each. Or you can purchase it all as a bundle for $20, and pre-purchasing that option will also get you a Golden Classic pack.

This will conclude the year-long story from the Year of the Dragon, the first time Blizzard has made a single continuous narrative over a full season of Hearthstone. That also means the company is probably planning to introduce the next season, and possibly another year-long storyline, sometime this spring.

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