Hearthstone's Next Expansion, Forged In The Barrens, Adds 135 New Cards

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Blizzard detailed its plans for the upcoming year of Hearthstone content at BlizzConline 2021, starting with the next expansion, Forged in the Barrens. This will be the first expansion of the new annual rollover, which this time has been dubbed the Year of the Gryphon. The Barrens expansion will take place in the Horde stronghold of Kalimdor and include a new keyword. Plus it’s coming alongside some major changes to the underlying mechanics of Hearthstone more broadly.

As usual, Forged in the Barrens will add 135 new cards to collect. This time the cards will feature a new keyword, Frenzy. Similar to the recent Spellburst effect, this is a one-time trigger, but it activates the first time a Frenzy minion survives damage. (That means that if your opponent kills it in one shot, the Frenzy effect won’t trigger). And in a wink to the fans, there’s even a Mankrik card, who is naturally seeking his wife.

The set will also add 10 legendary “Mercenary” characters, as part of a year-long narrative. Those likely tie into the new Mercenaries mode, to be coming later this year.

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