Here Are The Biggest Twitch And YouTube Livestreams Ever

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Some may have been confused by the news of TheGrefg’s record-breaking Twitch stream and corresponding Fortnite Icons skin, when many had never even heard of the Spanish-speaking streamer. A new analysis of the top livestreams across Twitch and YouTube has shown that Grefg’s success is far from unprecedented, and that the Spanish-speaking streaming community is a lot larger than you might expect.

The chart, put together by analytics company Stream Hatchet, has some surprising revelations. Firstly, it shows just how much bigger Grefg’s record-breaking stream was than those in second and third place. Second, it shows that YouTube is much more important as a live-streaming platform than you might imagine, and last but not least, it proves the domination of the Spanish-speaking and LATAM in streaming to a level that may surprise English-speaking gamers.

Of the top 15 streamers displayed, only six are English-speaking–including Americans Technoblade, Dream, Ninja, xTears88, and Dr Disrespect, as well as Australian YouTuber LazarBeam. Grefg is also the only streamer to appear multiple times in the top 15, with 4 of his Twitch streams making the list.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup