Here are your PES League 2018 Europe round finalists – It's all kicking off

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There are twenty single player and ten co-op teams set to compete in the Europe round of the PES League 2018 competition, and here they are.

If you’re familiar with gamer circles you’ll understand some of the frankly bizarre usernames taking part in the competition, names like Quiksilver, EATCHURROSMIAAM and Neo_Terrible Tank are taking part with kick off being on May 5 in Berlin, and if you’re interested you’ll be able to watch their exploits on Twitch.

Anyway, your single player finalists are:

Country Name
France TioMiit_PW
Brazil Fmestre12
Spain Alex Alguacil
Brazil HenrykinhO
Peru Cegole
Argentina MelianTheKing02
France Aazbabysk
Italy Ettorito97
Greece Filippakos
Peru Quiksilver
Vietnam GrabielBatistuta
France Neo_Kampfer
Peru MartinSC1990
France Neo_Lotfi
France Neo_Terrible Tank
France Lensoi7762
Germany Host Country


While your co-op teams taking part will be:

Country Team Name
Spain Cyborgs
Brazil Top Pes/Furacão
Brazil eLigaSul TopPes Brasil
Japan PQM
Japan ユウSHOあーる
Indonesia [PESINDO] KIKY
Italy/Spain Broken Silence
Spain Shadow Hunters
Germany TRS


Winners will earn themselves a spot in the PES League World Finals.


Source: God is Geek