Here Is When Disney Plus Goes Live For You And How To Get A Reminder

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We’re just days away from the launch of the most-anticipated streaming service launch of the year. Disney+ is coming on November 12 to select countries, and we couldn’t be more excited. We now know the exact time the service arrives, and luckily, we can all get a good night’s sleep before watching The Mandalorian.

There are countdown clocks floating around. The official Disney+ site has one if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and Marvel’s site as one as well. Over at, there’s a countdown clock right under the banner for The Mandalorian. And these clocks are all counting down to Tuesday, 9 AM ET.

Disney+ arrives in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands on November 12 and Australia and New Zealand on November 13–other European launch dates have been revealed, and it won’t arrive until Spring 2020. Depending on where you live in the world, the launch time differs because time zones totally exist. Here is when the streaming service arrives for the previously mentioned launch countries.

Disney+ launch times:

  • 6 AM PT
  • 7 AM MST
  • 8 AM CT
  • 9 AM ET
  • 3 PM CET
  • 1 AM AEDT (November 13)
  • 3 AM NZDT (November 13)

There is plenty to watch on Disney+, including a ton of Disney cartoons you grew up with, like Gargoyles. There are some great ’80s movies you’ll want to watch all over again as well. And you’ll probably want to watch all the Marvel movies and TV shows arriving on Day One as well.

If you want a reminder for the launch date, Disney+’s Twitter account has a tweet set up where if you like it, it will remind you when the streaming service launches. That’s pretty handy if you’re bad at remembering this.

Once you like the tweet, you’ll get an instant reply, letting you know that you will be getting a reminder about the launch.

Yes, Disney Twitter bot, I will give you some of that aforementioned tassel. Prepare yourself, as I prepare myself to have a “sick day” from work next Tuesday. Disney+ launches on November 12.

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