Here's How Long Little Town Hero Lasts

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Little Town Hero is the next RPG from Game Freak, the studio that brought us the massive Pokemon series. This game is a little smaller in scope, though, as you may expect from the little town name. Game director Masao Taya says he wanted to make it a smaller, more digestible role-playing game for adults who are pressed for time.

“Despite my love for this genre, I haven’t really been playing turn-based RPGs other than Pokémon as of late,” Taya told Nintendo Life. “Of course, becoming an adult has reduced the amount of time I can devote to games, but I believe that’s not all. RPGs are really time-consuming, and with how big the maps are, you can easily get lost and stuck in areas where you only get to battle weak opponents. That was a large part of the reason that I stopped playing as much.

“So with Little Town Hero, we’ve been careful not to prepare maps that are infinitely huge, or maps filled with opponents that can defeated just by spamming the attack button. Instead, we’ve aimed for an interesting battle system that really makes you consider how to go about defeating your enemy, each and every time.”

Taya says that Little Town Hero can vary based on how quickly players connect with its unique battle system. If you catch on quickly, it will be 10-12 hours. If not, it might be more around 15-20.

That’s still a good bit shorter than a lot of other RPGs. Pokemon games tend to be 20-30 for the main campaign, and much more if you aim to catch ’em all. Persona 5 is well over 100 hours.

Little Town Hero releases on October 16 on the Nintendo Switch eshop. Game Freak is also preparing to put out its next main Pokemon games, Sword and Shield, in November.

Source: Game Spot Mashup