Here's How Red That New PS5 Controller Color Is

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Red, as everyone knows, is the best primary color, so it was extremely exciting to hear PlayStation announce a new Cosmic Red colored PS5 controller last month (along with a Midnight Black variant). The two new PS5 controller colors–which officially came out today–landed on our desks recently, so we snapped a few pics to see just how vibrant that new red is in the real-world (the Midnight Black one is, suffice it to say, pretty sleek and cool. But it is, at the end of the day, not red.)

As you can see from the images below, Cosmic Red in a living room setting turns out to look a little more magenta, but it’s a pleasing if not altogether striking shade. The brightness is certainly muted compared to the PS4’s Magma Red color (also shown below), but the new Cosmic Red certainly still stands out. For further comparison, I also took pictures of the new red controller with other red objects, but it was also likely done just so I could show off some neat things around my house.

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