Here's How To Unlock The Among Us Twitch Pet Cosmetic

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Among Us players can unlock a special Twitch logo pet cosmetic if they link their Twitch account to the game by December 18. Among Us pets usually have to be purchased, but this one is the first that InnerSloth is giving out for free.

You’ll need to open up Among Us, click the settings icon, and then choose the “Data” tab in order to link your Twitch account. Once you click that you’ll need to log into your Twitch profile to officially link the two accounts. Once you’re logged in, click authorize to allow Twitch Among Us drops. You’ll need to then watch 30 minutes of the Among Us Twitch Rivals events in order to unlock the pet.

There are events you can watch on December 11, 14, and 18. The full schedule can be found right here. This is only possible on the PC version of Among Us, but an update for mobile players should let them link their Twitch accounts soon.

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