Here's How Xbox Game Pass Rewards Work

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Xbox Game Pass lets players enjoy a vast library of games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for a monthly subscription price, including upcoming releases like Halo Infinite. While getting access to a ton of games for a low price is already a great deal, Xbox Game Pass also lets you earn rewards points, which can be used towards digital purchases or contests. These points come from Xbox Game Pass quests, which are part of the Microsoft Rewards system. Basically, you can earn cash to spend on games or DLC just from playing Game Pass titles.

How Microsoft Rewards Work

The main page of the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox
The main page of the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox

Microsoft Rewards is a system that awards people points for using different Microsoft services. The rewards are tied to a person’s Microsoft/Xbox account and are awarded for doing different tasks. They vary by platform. On the PC/mobile side, for instance, the points are awarded for using Bing as a search engine.

For Xbox users, points are awarded for many different actions, some of which need to be claimed and some that are awarded automatically. All digital game purchases on Xbox and the Windows Store give users points automatically. There are also special offers available in the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox, and there are Xbox Game Pass quests.

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