Hidden Deep Is A 2D Action Game Made By One Person And Inspired By Alien And Half-Life

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The publisher of the Lord of the Rings game centered around Gollum has announced the next game it will publish, and it’s completely different. Daedalic Entertainment has announced it will publish the game Hidden Deep, which is a game made by a single person: Łukasz Kałuski.

Kałuski started the game in 2014 as a passion project and Kałuski has been funding it himself for three years. “Without a doubt, Hidden Deep is the biggest project of my life into which I put all my heart and sweat and I love doing this,” Kałuski said on his website.

In Hidden Deep, you explore a “vast suboceanic research and mining facility” that is overrun with aliens. You’re trying to find out what happened to the crew, and you’ll use weapons and gadgets to survive in the depths of the ocean and try to survive as the aliens close in. The game is inspired by movies like Alien and The Thing, as well as the first Half-Life game.

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