Hideo Kojima Reacts To Deathloop, Says It Might Make Him Sick

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Legendary game designer Hideo Kojima has weighed in with his thoughts on Arkane’s new game, Deathloop, which is out now behind very strong reviews and status as a Game of the Year contender. The Metal Gear designer said the game’s time loop feature is an “interesting system” and he wants to play it.

However, because it’s a FPS, Kojima said he’s likely to get “3D-sick.” Kojima ended his message by saying “Hmmm,” so it appears he’s tossing up whether or not getting a little sick is worth it to play what looks to be one of 2021’s best games.

In another tweet, Kojima said he has been a long-time sufferer of some types of motion sickness. “I’ve always get sick even though I was in the gymnastics team,” he said. “On field trips, I sat at the front of the bus. I get sick on the swings. At amusement parks, I couldn’t go on the teacups, viking rides, flying carpets, octopus rides, or anything that spun. Roller coasters are fine.”

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