Hitman 2 Officially Announced; Release Date And New Co-Op Mode Revealed

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Hitman 2 is official; publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed the game during a pre-E3 stream on its site. We’ve learned a few details about the game. It will be a direct sequel to Hitman, but unlike the previous title, which featured regular updates to its story via live content, Hitman 2’s story will be revealed all at once on the day of launch (though there will still be some additional DLC, like new locations, released over time). Check out the reveal trailer in the video above.

Hitman 2 will feature “hyper-detailed sandboxes full of living, breathing environments.” During the reveal stream, its developers hinted that interacting with environments and objects would play a bigger role and “everything in the environment can be deadly.” It features multiple international locations, but it will highlight Miami and an in-progress motorsport race that form a key part of the game’s story.

For the first time, this Hitman game will be a direct follow up to the previous one. The story will delve deeper into Agent 47’s past, and get closer to Agent 47 and Diana’s story than before. You embark on a mission to hunt the Shadow Client and unravel his militia for good, but after revelations about Agent 47, “nothing will ever be the same.”

Hitman 2 will also bring co-op to the game. Sniper Assassin mode allows you to jump into the Hitman series with another player and work together to take down targets. The mode can also be played by a single player and is available now for those who pre-order the standard, Silver, Gold, or Collector’s editions of Hitman 2. Get a look at Sniper Assassin mode in action in this video.

The game releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 13 (Gold and Collector’s editions get you into the game on November 9). Standard, Silver, and Gold editions of the game are available for pre-order now, with the Collection’s Edition coming soon. For more of the latest news and updates, follow GameSpot’s full E3 2018 coverage.

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