Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Assassination Guide: How To Unlock Every Challenge

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Five destinations and a trail of dead bodies later, Agent 47’s journey has finally come to an end. There’s only a single target to focus on in Hitman 3‘s final level, but a small army of Providence elite agents stand between 47 and the elusive Arthur Edwards.

Here are all of the Carpathian Mountain train’s assassination challenges and everything you need to do to complete them. For more tips and secrets, be sure to read our Hitman 3 walkthrough and guide hub. Otherwise, check out our other assassination guides below.

Straight Shot

Once you’ve worked your way to Edwards, a limited number of options are available. If you’d prefer to get rid of the Constant the old fashioned way and you happen to have run out of weapons on your way towards the confrontation, some of 47’s signature tools can be found in Edwards’ wardrobe, past where he stands looking in the mirror. A bullet to the head from 47’s silenced pistol, an SMG, or any of the other guns you picked up will earn you the Straight Shot challenge completion. Quick, easy, and to the point.

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