Hitman 3 Mission Walkthrough: Berlin (Apex Predator)

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Things take a turn in Hitman 3 once you get to the third mission in Berlin called Apex Predator. You don’t have a proper handler here, and there are no Mission Stories to help you seek out your targets and objectives. This is a full-on sandbox-style mission where you need to take out several targets amid the huge crowds of ravers who’ve turned an abandoned power plant into a nightclub, and it’s quite the challenge.

In this mission, you have a total of ten possible targets of which you only need to eliminate four–your object requires five kills, but the first one is a given when using the original entry point. This gives you the freedom to assassinate whichever targets you want however you want, if you can track them down, of course. As with any Hitman mission, there are many options for entry points, exits, methods of assassination, disguises, and more. Here, we walk through some tips for your first run, but if you want specifics on how to eliminate this mission’s various targets, be sure to check out our assassination and challenges guide for the Berlin level.

An Easy Entry Point

When you start the mission for the first time, you’ll be on the side of a road with a gas station in sight. Stick to the right side of the road to find a grassy path down to the power plant. You’ll pass a dead body and a watchtower (which you can use later on as a sniping spot). Eventually, your freebie target walks by, leaving him open for you to sneak up and kill him. Take his earpiece and get down to the power plant.

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