Hitman 3 Runs Great On Xbox Series X And PS5

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Hitman 3 is now available across a variety of systems, including both Xbox Series X and PS5. Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry put the different versions of the game through their paces, and it found Microsoft’s system to have a slight resolution advantage. However, that doesn’t mean that the PS5 isn’t offering a great experience, too.

Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 both run the game targeting 60fps gameplay, as does the weaker Xbox Series S system. While the Xbox Series X hits native 4K resolution, it’s 1800p on PS5 and 1080p on Series S.

Curiously, despite having a little more power under the hood–that may account for the resolution advantage–the Xbox Series X version of Hitman 3 occasionally runs at a lower frame rate than the PS5, dropping down slightly below 60fps in one mission. But shadow quality is slightly better on Xbox Series X, too, so the differences really even out.

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