Hitman 3 Shortcut Locations Guide: How To Unlock Every Path In Every Level

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Among the new features brought to the World of Assassination by Hitman 3 are permanent shortcuts–doors and ladders you can unlock for quick access to handy paths through levels. Once you find a shortcut and unlock it, it’s open in all your subsequent playthroughs of a mission, no matter where you start from. These shortcuts can make it a lot easier to get to sensitive areas or to find particular items, disguises, or assassination opportunities. But in order to unlock them for future use, you’ll have to find them the first time, and they usually require a little hunting to find.

We’ve compiled a complete list of all the shortcuts scattered through Hitman 3’s six missions, as well as an explanation of how to unlock them. Note that you’ll usually need tools, so it’s always good to grab a crowbar and screwdriver to make sure you can unlock a shortcut when you get to it. You’ll also have to approach shortcuts from the long way around–all shortcut doors are one way until you’ve opened them, and shortcut ladders have to be dropped from the top. Expect to do some careful infiltration to find them all.

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