Hitman’s next destination Thailand teased in new music video – Fake band The Class have numerous social accounts.

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Square Enix have teased the next destination on Hitman’s warpath, Thailand, in a new music video which shows Agent 47 in a recording studio.

The music video is for the song Are We Stars by the fake band The Class, which Square Enix have set up Bandcamp, YouTube and Twitter accounts for, as well as sending out real vinyl to members of the press. A biography sent with the vinyl reads: “But success came at a cost, and tragedy struck one night as Cross’ long-time sweetheart fell to her death in a terrible accident. Destroyed with grief, Cross withdrew from the public eye for a time but eventually emerged stronger and with great creative force.”

Cross, the band’s frontman, is strongly hinted at as being the next target after the ‘accidental’ death of his girlfriend.

The band’s video slowly unveils some of the locations we’re likely to see in Thailand, showing Buddhist temples, hotels, beaches and more. The Class’ single is also available to stream and download for free via Soundcloud and Bandcamp. See the video as well as pictures of the vinyl below.

Source: IBTimes

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