How House Of Ashes's Changes Could Make It The Dark Pictures Anthology's Resident Evil 4

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With the third game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, developer Supermassive Games is making some serious improvements–ones that could very well make House of Ashes all the scarier. In a way, the developer is taking a note from a similarly spook-driven series: Resident Evil.

In a short hands-off preview for the game, Supermassive demonstrated some alterations it’s making based on player feedback to its previous two Dark Pictures games, Man of Medan and Little Hope. The most notable is that the studio is doing away with placing fixed camera angles on the action, which should make it easier to explore the game’s environments and locate the secrets and items that help tell the story.

That looks to be a good move, based on the focus of House of Ashes. The next Dark Pictures story is set in Iraq in 2003 at the tail end of the major portion of the US war in the country. The story follows a group of US soldiers searching for a cache of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, when they’re engaged by holdout Iraqi Republican Army forces. A pitched battle takes place, but when it’s interrupted by an earthquake, soldiers from both sides find themselves trapped underground in a massive, dark cave system, which hides a millennia-old temple.

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