How Posable Is This New $80 Darth Vader Figure?

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Hyperreal Darth Vader Box

Hasbro has a new line headed your way aimed at high-end collectors. These highly-posable action figures have both hard and soft goods making up the costume and come with a bunch of accessories. This new line stands at eight inches tall, two inches taller than The Black Series figures.

With a premium product like this, it’s going to come at a price. The listing for this Darth Vader figure on Hasbro Pulse has is costing $80. Think of the Hyperreal collection like a cheaper alternative to Sideshow Collectibles’ Hot Toys. Hasbro sent us the Darth Vader figure to check out, and we’re going to detail everything that’s in the box.

Also, since this is a very posable figure with an interior skeletal structure, we’re going to pose this toy in as many ridiculous poses as possible, including ones all the cool kids were doing two years ago. Here’s what the Hyperreal Darth Vader looks like.

The Hyperreal Darth Vader figure will be available in stores this October.

The inside of the box

Opening up the box, the graphics give you a good idea of what you can do with this figure, along with a look at all the accessories. The packaging is really cool, but this is a figure that needs to come out of the box.

Out of the box

We took old Darth Vader out and kept him in the pose from the box.

Close-up on Darth

There is a lot of detail in the face, and the helmet has the same sheen as it does in the movies.

Close-up on costume

There is lots of detail, down to the buttons on his chest and on his belt.

Need a hand?

Vader comes with a bunch of different hands to put on to recreate your favorite scenes from the Star Wars movies.


There is also a blaster reflection accessory that goes on one of Vader’s hands.

Now, let’s get down to posing this collectible as ridiculous as possible.

Best Mates

Coming from the world of never-ending Fortnite dances, here’s Vader in the Best Mates pose. The joints are pretty tight and hold very well, so Vader could have stayed in this position indefinitely.


Remember dabbing? That was totally a cool thing a year or two ago! Vader has a bit trouble with this pose because his helmet stops him from bending his neck.


Vader’s right shoulder can’t pop forward, so his arm stops at his waist.

Gangnam style

PSY has plenty of hits, and you should watch all his music videos. Here’s the main dance from the “Gangnam Style” music video. Again, Vader stands on one leg perfectly fine.

The Hulk Hogan pose

WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan is a man of many poses. What you gonna do, brother, when Vadermania runs wild on you?


This was the easiest pose to get Vader into. Planking was a weird three weeks in the world where people just laid down everywhere.

Razor Ramon

Hey yo. It’s the bad guy. Honestly, this was an early pose I tried, and I was trying to do Finn Balor’s entrance, but Vader’s head didn’t tilt back far enough.

Shawn Michaels

When people talk about Darth Vader, they say he’s a sexy boy but not your boy toy.

The failure of YMCA

Because of Vader’s shoulder armor/pads/whatever, his arms only go so high. So making him do the YMCA dance was a bit tough. And yes, the second and fourth picture are the same, but I really did try.

Source: Game Spot Mashup