How PS5 Backwards Compatibility Works

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With the PlayStation 5, Sony has once again embraced backwards compatibility. A feature that the PS4 skipped out on, playing a game from the previous generation of PS4 is as easy as downloading the game or inserting the original game disc.

The added benefit with the PS5’s backwards compatibility is that your catalog of games can take advantage of the console’s bleeding-edge SSD to load quicker, while a large number of games are enhanced with better frame rates and graphics. Not every PS4 game works on the PS5 though, although the chances of anyone being upset that Afro Samurai 2 didn’t make the cut are probably close to slim at best.

Which PS4 games aren’t backwards compatible with PS5?

PS5 backwards compatibility
PS5 backwards compatibility

As revealed by Sony, the following handful of games won’t work on the PS5:

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