How Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Explores The First Order Like Never Before

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When the first season of Star Wars Resistance ended in March, it was with the revelation that Tam (Suzie McGrath) had chosen to side with the First Order. That move put her in direct opposition with her closest ally, Kaz (Christopher Sean). Now, with the launch of Season 2 on October 6, Resistance is using Tam to tell a story that’s rare in the Star Wars universe.

While we’ve seen members of the Empire and First Order flee for the light side of the Force, as Finn does in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Resistance gets to explore the exact opposite of that. We’re seeing one of the good guys in their new role within the First Order, giving a long look at how exactly the organization operates.

“That was one of the things that excited us the most because, you know, we don’t really get to see many good guys go to the side of evil. We’ve seen evil go to the side of the good, even with Finn’s storyline. But this is like a great way to kind of flip it,” executive producer Brandon Auman explained during a roundtable interview. “And then we get to spend more time with the First Order, which I think a lot of fans want–not just fans of our show, but just fans of the movies in general. They want to know more about the First Order.”

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And while it may be hard for viewers who came to love Tam throughout Season 1 become so invested in the First Order, it’s hard to blame her character. “In her head, she sees them as the lawmakers,” Suzie McGrath said of her character. “They are the law and order, and she just wants to be a good person and do what she’s told.”

Of course, it doesn’t help that she’s being manipulated by Tierny (Sumalee Montano), the First Order agent she looks up to. “Tierney is a very manipulative, very smart, First Order leader, right? So she knows what to tell Tam [and] what not to tell Tam, so that she can get her on First Order’s side,” executive producer Justin Ridge elaborated. “You know, she knows that Tam is hurt and there’s a window of opportunity for her to bring her on their side.”

In attempting to bring Tam further into the clutches of First Order, Resistance will reveal even more about the group. That should be interesting, given the show is leading directly into Star Wars: The Ride of Skywalker, the final installment in the Skywalker Saga.

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 premieres Sunday, October 6, on Disney Channel and Disney XD.

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