How To Beat Corrupt Toshi In Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

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The final corrupted spirit you need to help pass over in Kena: Bridge of Spirits is Toshi, the former leader of the village at the center of the game. Toshi is a powerful fighter, mixing together many of the types of combatants you’ve faced before. He also nullifies some of your strategies–he’ll block your arrows and bombs, rendering some of your best ranged attacks useless except in key situations. He’s also tough up close, striking Kena with some powerful melee combos.

It is possible to counter and beat Toshi, though, provided you know what you’re facing and when to hit him with the right attacks. This guide will help you recognize what Toshi is bringing to bear on you so you can defend, parry, and snipe your way to victory in Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ toughest boss fight.

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