How To Beat The Hunter Boss In Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

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The Hunter waits at the end of the Hunter’s Path as you work your way through the relics for Toshi, the village leader, in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Of the three bosses you’ll face in this section of the game, this one will likely take the longest, thanks to the Hunter’s ability to fly and dodge-heavy fighting style. Avoiding its long-range attacks is key, as is countering with the bow yourself–but if you know how to hit the boss, you can open it up for big damage and take the fight to him.

Unlike most other bosses, and similar to the others you’ll face in this section of the game, the Hunter really only has one phase–which means if you get your tactics down early, you’ll be able to handle the entire fight. The trick is recognizing and avoiding the Hunter’s big attacks and taking advantage of the openings. Get used to trying to snipe the boss as much as possible, because you’ll need a few good shots to his face in order to bring the fight to him.

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