How To Beat The Mask Maker Boss In Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

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You’ve already defeated Corrupt Taro and Corrupt Woodsmith in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, but your toughest challenge lies ahead. To find the relics for the third spirit, Toshi, you’ll have to explore the spirit realm throughout the village. This will put you on three different paths, and each culminates with a boss fight. Perhaps the toughest is the Mask Maker, who hits you with all sorts of tough-to-deal-with magic.

Luckily, the Mask Maker doesn’t really have two phases like previous bosses–he just throws a lot of different moves at you throughout the fight, and picks up the pace toward the back half of the battle. Even still, you’ll want to try to avoid taking damage as much as possible by using arrows to knock the Mask Maker out of his tougher attacks, and save those heals for when you really need them.

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