How To Watch Minecraft Live 2021: Start Times, What To Expect, And More

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Minecraft Live 2021 is happening October 16, and it’s bound to include some major announcements on what’s next for Mojang’s eternally popular voxel-based sandbox, as well as some possible news on what’s next for franchise’s action-RPG spinoff Minecraft Dungeons.

Some of the biggest names in the Minecraft content creator scene will be part of the stream, and fans will even get to vote on what new mob type will be joining the game. There have also been reports of new projects in the works at Mojang that may or may not be Minecraft adjacent, meaning the upcoming Minecraft Live broadcast will hopefully have at least a few surprises in store for fans. Here’s how to watch the upcoming show and what to expect.

How To Watch Minecraft Live 2021

Minecraft Live 2021 is being broadcasted just about everywhere, and can be watched via the official Minecraft website, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch channel. GameSpot’s stream of the festivities is embedded above.

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