I Hope That Most Of Little Nightmares 2 Isn't Like The School Level

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Little Nightmares II just isn’t suited to action sequences. We recently got one more chance to go hands-on with Little Nightmares II ahead of its release, playing through the first two levels of the game. The first level was the Forest that we got to play during our first hands-on with Little Nightmares II, but the second, the School, was brand-new. And it was here that Little Nightmares II started focusing more on platforming and combat sequences, which weren’t as satisfying as the more puzzle- and stealth-focused levels we’ve played before.

In the School, protagonist Mono is quickly separated from deuteragonist Six, the original Little Nightmares‘ protagonist, as the two find themselves lost in a building that’s inhabited by the Bullies, trouble-making porcelain children, and stalked by a monstrously grotesque teacher. While the Bullies are pranksters that prefer to set deadly traps and only roughhouse Mono if they get too close, the Teacher is far more proactive, responding to every little sound and stretching her neck out like a gross snake to twist her head into biting range.

With all the Bullies running around, the school is more heavily inhabited than the Forest and Hospital levels we’ve played before. There are more combat sequences where you have to lift a hammer or pipe to smash the Bullies in your way or platforming sections where you must carefully run, jump, and climb around and through obstacles, while the Teacher’s head is twisting about the room, looking for you.

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