I Know What You Did Last Summer Review: Amazon's Slasher Reboot Is Silly But Not Scary

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With the hugely successful slasher series Scream already resurrected as a recent TV show and an upcoming fifth movie, it was inevitable that some of the films that Scream inspired would also get the reboot treatment. Jim Gillespie’s I Know What You Did Last Summer was one of 1997’s biggest horror movies–with a script by Scream writer Kevin Williamson and a cast of rising young stars, it overcame mixed reviews to make $125 million at the box office and generate two sequels.

Amazon’s new version of I Know What You Did Last Summer is an eight-episode series that takes inspiration from both the movie and the 1973 novel that it was based on. The basic set-up is the same–a group of teenagers living in a coastal town (in Hawaii in this case) who are about to depart for college accidentally kill someone while driving at night. They agree to dump the body in the sea and never speak of the incident again. One summer later, the group reconvene at home, where an anonymous message informs them that someone knows exactly what terrible thing they did last summer, followed by a bloody murder spree.

Each version of this story has varied who the victim is. In Lois Duncan’s novel, it was a child, while in Gillespie’s film it was a local man. In this case, the victim has a far more personal connection to the group. Episode 1 ends with a revelation about the victim’s true identity–which we won’t give away–with the following episodes exploring both the impact on their relationships as well as their attempts to avoid being killed by whoever is picking off the town’s residents.

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