Immortals: Fenyx Rising Gets Crossover Event With Netflix's Blood Of Zeus

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The Greek mythology-inspired game Immortals: Fenyx Rising is hosting a limited-time crossover quest with Netflix’s similarly mythology-based series Blood of Zeus. You can try the new quest and purchase a character and weapon pack in the game now.

From now through January 28, you can take part in a new quest called “A Tribute to Family.” You can access the beginning quest marker from the Hall of the Gods. You’ll need to take on a Chimera and Cerberus, and once completed you’ll earn an Eagle pendant and some new character customization options.

You can also purchase a few special Blood of Zeus items in the shop. A weapon pack (810 credits, or about $8) gets you themed skins for the sword, axe, and bow, while a character pack (1500 credits, or about $15) gets you a spiffy armor set, helmet, mount, wings, and phoenix. Those packs will remain available to purchase after the timed quest ends.

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