In Back 4 Blood, Replaying The Campaign With Different Cleaners Gets You More Story

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Though developer Turtle Rock Studios’ Back 4 Blood takes place in a different universe to the studios’ Left 4 Dead franchise, the upcoming squad-based shooter has a similar structure to Turtle Rock’s earlier work. There are differences however; most notably, Back 4 Blood features eight playable characters (referred to as Cleaners) as opposed to Left 4 Dead’s four, allowing players to create different variations to their four-person squad.

According to Turtle Rock Studios lead writer Simon Mackenzie, this adds a narrative-driven reason to replay Back 4 Blood–you and your friends can discover new details about the world and its characters by changing up who is in the squad. However, Back 4 Blood does have a “canon” story that players will be able to follow via the game’s cinematics.

“We do have cinematic scenes, so there is a historical version of events within the game, and the characters represented in the cutscenes as they happen is my golden path,” Mackenzie told GameSpot.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup