Intergalactic Factory Sim Dyson Sphere Program Is Off To A Strong Start On Steam

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The space-based Factorio-like Dyson Sphere Program has garnered serious traction on Steam, with over 200,000 copies sold in two days. Released back on January 21 in Early Access, Dyson Space Program is a factory simulator similar to Satisfactory and Factorio, where players are challenged to build an industrial installation that rapidly escalates in automation and complexity.

Dyson Sphere Program sets itself apart from its competitors by taking place at a galactic scale. The ultimate goal of the game is to build titular Dyson Spheres, which are hypothetical constructs from the pages of sci-fi author Olaf Stapledon. Theoretically, if humanity could build a gigantic sphere around a given star, we could harness much of the star’s power output to meet the energy requirements inherent to intergalactic travel.

Several of the game’s Steam reviews describe Dyson Space Program as a step forward for the factory-building genre. However, they note that the game lacks certain quality-of-life features that players might expect, such as the ability to easily dismantle groups of buildings.

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