Invite Candyman Onto Your Twitter Before New Trailer Arrives On Thursday

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The 1992 horror film Candyman explored myth and legend in modern setting. Essentially, it was the Bloody Mary game you play as a child, but steeped in segregation, classism, and racism. Also, it was terrifying.

This June, the series is getting a spiritual sequel, and the first trailer for the new movie is coming on Thursday. In order to get the word out about the film, the official Candyman Twitter will interact with you if you share its content, and you’ll get a brief look at the upcoming movie. That’s how the world works now.

If you share the tweet above by clicking the link under the video–which only shows up on Twitter, and you can find it here–you’re brought to a prompt where the Twitter account is tagged, and the hashtag “Candyman” is used five times. From there, you can edit it like I did below.

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