iPhone's Most-Downloaded Game Of 2019 Revealed, And It's Not Fortnite Or Call Of Duty

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With 2019 coming to a close, Apple has now announced the most-downloaded games of the year across iPhone and iPad for both free and paid games. In a press release, Apple announced that Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour was the most-downloaded free iPhone game of 2019.

The press release didn’t include any specific download numbers, however. Rounding out the top five free iPhone games were Color Bump 3D, aquapark.io, Call of Duty: Mobile, and BitLife – Life Simulator.

For comparison, Fortnite was No. 1 in 2018. Call of Duty’s mobile version seems to have had a strong start, as it charted at No. 4 this year despite not releasing until October. Mario Kart Tour launched about a week before, on September 25, so its result as No. 1 is quite impressive.

Moving on, Minecraft was the top paid iPhone and iPad game, while Roblox was the most-downloaded free iPad game.

Apple also handed out editorial awards to a number of titles for 2019. The iPhone game of the year was Journey developer thatgamecompany’s Sky: Children of the Light, while Hyper Light Drifter was named the iPad game of the year. The Mac game of the year was Gris, while the Apple TV game of the year was Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. Finally, the Apple Arcade Game of the Year was given to Sayonara: Wild Hearts.

Beyond games, Apple announced the most-downloaded overall iPhone apps of 2019. YouTube was No. 1, with Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Messenger rounding out the top five. You can see the full charts for all categories below.

2019 Most Popular iOS Apps:

Top Free iPhone Apps

  1. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
  2. Instagram
  3. Snapchat
  4. TikTok – Make Your Day
  5. Messenger
  6. Gmail – Email by Google
  7. Netflix
  8. Facebook
  9. Google Maps – Transit & Food
  10. Amazon – Shopping made easy

Top Paid iPhone Apps

  1. Facetune
  2. HotSchedules
  3. Dark Sky Weather
  4. The Wonder Weeks
  5. AutoSleep Tracker for Watch
  6. TouchRetouch
  7. Afterlight – Photo Editor
  8. Procreate Pocket
  9. Sky Guide
  10. Toca Hair Salon 3

Top Free iPad Apps

  1. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
  2. Netflix
  3. Amazon Prime Video
  4. Google Chrome
  5. Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Movies
  6. Messenger
  7. Gmail – Email by Google
  8. Facebook
  9. TikTok – Make Your Day
  10. Calculator

Top Paid iPad Apps

  1. Procreate
  2. Notability
  3. GoodNotes 5
  4. Duet Display
  5. Toca Hair Salon 3
  6. Toca Life: Neighborhood
  7. XtraMath
  8. PDF Expert 7: PDF Editor
  9. LumaFusion
  10. Affinity Designer

Top Free iPhone Games

  1. Mario Kart Tour
  2. Color Bump 3D
  3. aquapark.io
  4. Call of Duty: Mobile
  5. BitLife – Life Simulator
  6. Polysphere – art of puzzle
  7. Wordscapes
  8. Fortnite
  9. Roller Splat!
  10. AMAZE!!

Top Paid iPhone Games

  1. Minecraft
  2. Heads Up!
  3. Plague Inc.
  4. Bloons TD 6
  5. Geometry Dash
  6. Rebel Inc.
  7. The Game of Life
  8. Stardew Valley
  9. Bloons TD 5
  10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Top Free iPad Games

  1. Roblox
  2. aquapark.io
  3. Paper.io 2
  4. Color Bump 3D
  5. Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game
  6. Fortnite
  7. Polysphere – art of puzzle
  8. Wordscapes
  9. Tiles Hop – EDM Rush
  10. Helix Jump

Top Paid iPad Games

  1. Minecraft
  2. Geometry Dash
  3. Bloons TD 6
  4. Plague Inc.
  5. Amazing Frog?
  6. Stardew Valley
  7. The Game of Life
  8. Heads Up!
  9. Terraria
  10. Bendy and the Ink Machine

Source: Game Spot Mashup