Joker: The Best And Worst Funko Pops Of The Clown Prince Of Crime

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DC’s most famous villain has had some great (and not so great) Funko Pop figures.

Love ’em or hate ’em, Funko Pops have managed to corner just about every niche of the pop culture market. Nearly every character in just about every major nerd pantheon is going to be represented over and over again in Pop vinyl–and of course, the Clown Prince Of Crime is absolutely no exception. Joker may have been given his own solo movie–which, of course, drummed up all sorts of controversy along the way–but Joker fever has been gripping the collectible figurine world for years and years.

So much, in fact, that the Joker has enough Pop vinyl figures out there that we were able to rank them, specifically. Some are great, others are scary, and a few of them are downright horrifying. So which Joker Funkos are worth tracking down for your collection and which should be best left collecting dust on the shelf? We have some thoughts for you.

WORST: The Dark Knight Joker (36)

Heath Ledger’s Joker may be one of the most well-recognized performances in comic book movies, but that doesn’t mean the specific design of that version of the character translates very well into a Pop figure. No thanks.

BEST: Arkham Asylum Joker (53)

The Arkham video games took some interesting and fun liberties with the Joker costume design and they all paid off–this look still pops, even as a Funko figure.

BEST: Surfs Up Joker (134)

You can really do no wrong when it comes to vintage live-action Joker. We love this whole situation, right down to the painted-on mustache, a pitch-perfect nod to actor Caesar Romero.

WORST: Suicide Squad Joker (96)

No, thanks.

WORST: Suicide Squad Joker Batman (188)

This Pop exists specifically to answer the time-old question “can we somehow make the Suicide Squad Joker design even worse?”

WORST: Death of the Family Joker (273)

This one is a bit of a comics deep cut, a nod to that time Joker cut off his own face and then kind of half-heartedly wired it back on. It was weird (and ultimately didn’t amount to much) in the comics, and it’s weird here in three dimensions.

BEST: Killing Joke Joker (146)

Whatever your thoughts on The Killing Joke may be, the Hawaiian shirt look is undeniably pretty rad.

BEST: Original Joker (06)

Joker’s actually one of the few characters who really, really works with this insanely simplified design.

WORST: Dark Knight Returns Joker (116)

Okay, sure, The Dark Knight Returns might be the most famous Batman story of all time but this Funko is definitely not.

BEST: Bombshell Joker (170)

You know how The Killing Joke costume looks cool? This look is feels cut from the same cloth–and it really works.

WORST: Martha Wayne Joker (203)

A little background on this one: there’s an alternate reality in the DC Universe where Martha Wayne becomes the Joker after Bruce Wayne is killed. Don’t worry too much about it. The concept itself is pretty cool, to be fair, and this particular Pop might be cool if obscure and alternate versions of characters weren’t just the norm for Funko Pops across the board. But they are, and unfortunately, this one is just weird.

WORST: Hush Joker (240)

Yet another classic design that just doesn’t seem to translate well, despite all the extra garnishes. This poor Pop misses menacing and hits lands squarely in “goofy.”

BEST: Animated Series Joker (155)

It’s only appropriate that the best version of the Joker also has the best Funko Pop, right?

Source: Game Spot Mashup