Kingsman 2 Adds Classic Rock Singer to Star-Studded Cast

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle seems to have quite the star-studded cast with actors like Channing Tatum, Halle Barry, and Julianne Moore set to appear. Now it looks like we’ll see classic rock singer Elton John in the upcoming spy movie as well.

John posted a picture on Instagram, which revealed his involvement in The Golden Circle. The picture reads “Wednesday night’s alright for fighting,” which is a reference to his song “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting).” The line is accompanied by star-shaped glasses, colored red, white, and blue. The Golden Circle is rumored to take place at least partially in the States.

Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn originally wanted celebrities to make cameos in the first movie, though he canned it for a number of reasons including the suspension of disbelief one needs when a celebrity appears as themself while other famous actors play ficitional roles. He told ABC News Radio that he had a special idea for John.

“I was umming and ahhing ’cause [Kingsman] had a whole fun subplot about celebrities being kidnapped,” he said. “And I had an idea of, who’s the worst celebrity you’d want to have locked in a cell? And I came up with Elton John and having Elton John throwing these huge tantrums. And then I wanted to do an action scene of Elton John kicking the living daylights out of people.”

It’s not confirmed, but with the “Wednesday night’s alright for fighting” quote, it sounds like Vaughn might be realizing his original vision of John “kicking the living daylights out of people” on film. And with Vaughn’s previous hesitance to cast celebrities in cameo roles, could we see John playing a character? We’ll have to wait to find out, but GameSpot will keep you updated on Kingsman: The Golden Circle as more information is revealed.

The Kingsman sequel is set to open in theaters on June 16, 2017. It stars Taron Egerton as protagonist Eggsy and sees the return of Mark Strong, Sophie Cookson, and Edward Holcroft. Colin Firth’s return has been teased as well.

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