Legend Of Zelda-Like Dungeon Crawler Elementallis Demolishes Kickstarter Goal

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After reaching its Kickstarter goal of €18,000 (about $22,000 USD) within 24 hours, Elementallis has managed to surpass nearly all of its stretch goals too. The Kickstarter for this Legend of Zelda-like dungeon crawler currently sits at just over $100,000 with under 48 hours left in its campaign.

A 2D top-down adventure game, Elementallis sees you play as a young boy who one day inadvertently disrupts the natural balance of the elements that govern the world: fire, nature, wind, earth, water, ice, and lightning. Now, alongside your trusty elemental, you need to set things right. On the game’s Kickstarter page, Elementallis is described as “a story about growth and overcoming guilt.”

In Elementallis, you’ll travel throughout a world composed of separate biomes, each of which hides a dungeon. Discovering and overcoming these dungeons unlocks new elements for your elemental, giving you new ways to engage in the game’s combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving. For example, fire can be used to burn enemies away or brighten up dark places. Elements can be combined as well–you can use water to douse a tough enemy and then shock them for extra damage with lightning, for instance.

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