LEGO Worlds gets a UK release date and it’s very soon – Brickin' all over the world.

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Warner Bros have finally announced the UK release date for LEGO Worlds and it turns out the Minecraft-esque builder is coming out this week, on March 10, for PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

The aim of LEGO Worlds is for players to become a Master Builder, embarking on an epic quest to do so and discovering all manner of worlds, creatures and vehicles along the way. Throughout the adventure massive structures can be built brick by brick or placed to shape the landscape, hidden treasures uncovered and side quests completed for many of the other LEGO inhabitants. Builders can then visit and explore each other’s worlds online.

LEGO Worlds will launch this Friday, March 10, on PS4, Xbox One and Steam with a Switch release to come later in the year. PS4 players will also have exclusive access to the LEGO Agents pack for a limited time.

Source: God is Geek