Life is Strange Limited Edition is out at Retail Right Now

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After stealing our hearts digitally with Life is Strange, DONTNOD are back to tempt us to return with the Limited physical release.

This isn’t just them bunging the episodes onto a disc and feeling like they’ve done a good job, oh no. In the physical release you’ll get yourself a director’s commentary, a 32 page art-book, and fourteen songs from the soundtrack.

The limited edition also comes with a set of enhancements like improved lip syncing and new language subtitles.

Producer Luc Baghadoust is very grateful to the game’s fans for their support during 2015:

If you’d have told me this time last year that, a year later, Life is Strange would be winning prestigious awards and topping Game of the Year lists I’m not sure I’d allow myself to believe you! The Limited Edition is our way of saying thank you to everyone who’s supported us along the way.

So whether you’re up for a trip back to Arcadia Bay, or looking to head there for the first time, you honestly can’t get a better package than this.

We think it’s hella cool.

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Source: God is Geek