Life Is Strange: True Colors Chapter 3 Guide – Distracting Diane, Charlotte's Anger

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For the most part, Life is Strange: True Colors becomes a completely different game in Chapter 3: “Monster Or Mortal.” Though the first part and last part of the chapter are more of what you’ve already done, the majority of the chapter is spent on the LARP that Steph set up for Ethan, temporarily transforming True Colors into a turn-based RPG where you have to worry about health bars and status effects and whatnot.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t inconsequential choices, though. There aren’t as many as previous chapters, nor as many as in what is to come, but they are important all the same. Some will even lock you out of achieving the “good” ending. We’ve noted the relevant decisions you need to make below. As a final note: Chapter 3 is also where True Colors really starts hammering home on how Alex feels about music, herself, and Ryan and Steph. Be on the lookout for opportunities to dig into those areas.

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Distracting Diane [Mandatory]

After Alex and Ryan clue Steph into Alex’s Empathy abilities and the trio decide to work together to stop Typhon, the group agrees that they’ll somehow need to gather evidence from Diane. To that end, Ryan and Steph come up with a wonderfully stupid, yet hilarious plan: One of the two of them will flirt with Diane to distract her and then Alex can take the opportunity to steal evidence of Typhon’s wrongdoings from Diane’s bag. You have to decide who should distract Diane.

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