Life Is Strange: True Colors Ending Guide – How To Secure The Vote

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Life is Strange: True Colors has six distinct endings, each of which can also play out in a few different ways depending on several factors. In order to get the best possible ending, protagonist Alex will need to convince the most prominent members of the Haven community that she’s a trustworthy person. To do that, you’ll have to make several specific choices in all five chapters.

Perhaps this goes without saying, but this guide contains spoilers. If you want to follow a spoiler-free guide of True Colors, you can find that with our Life is Strange: True Colors walkthrough. The walkthrough goes over all five chapters, listing the prominent decisions as they happen so you won’t get spoiled for what happens in later chapters.

Life Is Strange: True Colors Walkthrough

Securing The Vote

Alright, first things first. Regardless of which of the six endings you get, the tone of the final moments in True Colors is dependent on whether the Haven community votes in support of Alex’s wild claims, or against her. In that regard, you’ll have to convince six people to side with you to garner full support: Steph, Ryan, Duckie, Eleanor, Charlotte, and Pike.

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