Loki Episode 3 Confirms The MCU Character Is Bisexual

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After Episode 3 of the Disney+ Loki series, the trickster god character played by Tom Hiddleston has been confirmed as the first bisexual character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This comes after it was confirmed ahead of the show’s premiere that Loki identifies as genderfluid.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Episode 3 of Loki. If you have yet to watch the episode and don’t want to know the details of what went down, you should stop reading now.

In the episode, “Lamentis,” Loki has an exchange about lovers with Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), a variant of the titular trickster. “How about you?” she asks him. “You’re a prince. Must have been would-be-princesses. Or perhaps another prince.” Loki responds, “A bit of both. I suspect the same as you.” Still, they agree that neither has known true love.

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