Look, Even Terry Crews Wants Mother 3 Localized

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Earthbound fans have been clamoring for Mother 3, the final entry in the series, to officially make its way stateside since its initial launch in 2006. Hopes for a localized version of the game are still alive a decade and a half later, and the conversation has sparked again, thanks in part to actor and professional muscle man Terry Crews.

Crews took to Twitter to request one thing to his 1.6 million followers: “LOCALIZE MOTHER 3!” The tweet has blown up, receiving some 50 thousands likes and 18 thousand retweets at the time of writing.

Since launch, Mother 3 has been exclusive to Japan. The game also landed on the WII U Virtual Console in 2016 as a Japan-only re-release. Despite all the praise Mother 3 received at the time from both critics and fans alike, the only English translated version came from the Starmen.net online community in 2008. It can still be downloaded, but there may be some hiccups since it’s an unofficial translation.

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