Lost Judgment – How To Earn SP Quickly

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Lost Judgment gives players plenty of skills and gadgets to experiment with when the game starts, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what detective Takayuki Yagami is capable of. Once players start investing Skill Points in his various skill trees, Yagami becomes a force to be reckoned with as he’s able to hit harder, soak up more punishment, and tail suspects with maximum stealth. All of those skills require a sizeable amount of SP though, but fortunately, you can earn them quickly and regularly from a variety of sources.

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Invest in the Battle Bonus skills

To make serious SP, you’re going to need to spend some first. You’ll be able to easily multiply any SP earnings with the Battle Bonus skill. Found in the Stats page of the Skills hub, investing in the first tier of Battle Bonus will see Yagami earn 50% more SP after a battle. From that point, the skill can be upgraded until the private eye is eventually raking in an extra 300% SP after every fight, resulting in some substantial gains. There are six levels to Battle Bonus, and in total you’ll need to invest 157,500 SP to max it out.

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