Lucky Charms Cereal Gets A Marvel Twist With "Loki Charms" To Promote Disney+ Show

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To promote the upcoming Disney+ TV show Loki, General Mills has teamed up with Marvel to create a special version of Lucky Charms called “Loki Charms.”

“There has been a disruption in our reality and the Lucky Charms we all know and love have shape-shifted into a new mischievously delicious form: ‘Loki Charms,'” reads a line from the press release.

Only 3,500 boxes are being made, so they are sure to become collector’s items. They go on sale through at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET on June 9, which is the same day that Loki premieres on Disney+. The cereal will cost $8 per box, which is steep, but it’s a collector’s item after all (and it includes the cost of shipping).

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