Mario Golf: Super Rush Adds New Characters, Courses, And Other Changes In Final Free Update

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The final free update for Nintendo’s Mario Golf: Super Rush has been released, and it’s a big one. The 4.0.0 update adds new playable characters, courses, and additional modes.

Shy Guy and Wiggler are the new characters. Shy Guy is described as an evenly balanced character, and his special dash move brings in Fly Guys to keep him in the air longer. His special shot blows away nearby balls. Wiggler is a power-type character who uses his length to hit the ball farther. He becomes enraged when using his special shot, or when he’s attacked, and this increases the ball flight distance by 1.1 times. His special shot blows away nearby balls like Shy Guy’s, but it also clears out balls in the surrounding area due to berries that launch with the shot. Video games are great.

As for the new courses, the first is Shelltop Sanctuary, which is a shorter course made up exclusively of par 3s. The other is All-Star Summit, and it features illustrations of Mario and other iconic Nintendo characters. It features brick blocks that can be broken by hitting them or dashing into them.

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