Mario Golf: Super Rush's Speed Golf Mode Looks Chaotic In The Best Way

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Nearly three years to the date after Mario and friends hit the courts in Mario Tennis Aces, the plumber is returning to the links in Mario Golf: Super Rush, the new Switch entry in Nintendo’s long-running sports series. As it did with the aforementioned Aces, developer Camelot has taken the familiar Mario Golf gameplay and enlivened it with more action, making Super Rush an even snappier take on the sport than previous installments.

We recently had a chance to see more of Mario Golf: Super Rush’s new features via a virtual preview event. The headlining addition in this installment is Speed Golf, a hectic new mode in which you and three other golfers compete to sink the ball the fastest. Unlike a standard round of golf, each player takes their shots simultaneously in Speed Golf, and you must manually run to your ball after you’ve hit it, making this mode a mad dash to the green.

The ultimate aim of Speed Golf is to clear every hole in the fastest time. Each shot you take adds 30 seconds to your timer, which is where precision comes into play. You can feasibly sink your ball before the other players by hitting it as quickly as possible, but if you take too many shots, you’ll end up with a slower overall time, so you’ll need to strike a balance between speed and careful play to prevail.

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