Mario Kart Tour's Next Event Kicks Off Tomorrow

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Mario Kart Tour‘s second in-game Tour event is set to begin soon. The event kicks off tomorrow, October 8, at 11 PM PT (2 AM ET on October 9), and it will introduce “additional new and nostalgic courses,” including another one inspired by a real-world location.

Whereas the game’s first Tour took players to New York City, this event will have them racing around a new course based on Tokyo. As before, you’ll be able to earn Grand Stars based on how many points you accumulate in a race, which in turn will let you unlock new Tour gifts, cups, kart parts, and more.

Nintendo has not yet announced what other “new and nostalgic courses” will arrive as part of the Tokyo Tour, but the company did confirm the event will bring new characters. During the aforementioned New York Tour, players had a chance to unlock Pauline and Musician Mario, but it remains to be seen which new racers this week’s event will introduce.

Mario Kart Tour launched on iOS and Android devices on September 25, and the game has already proven to be a big success. Mobile analytics tracker Sensor Tower reports that it racked up 90 million downloads worldwide in its first week of availability, making it Nintendo’s biggest mobile game launch to date.

Mario Kart Tour doesn’t yet feature multiplayer, so you can currently only race against bots, not other players on your friends list. However, Nintendo says the option will be added in the future. We’ve been playing Mario Kart Tour and feel the game isn’t great, but it has some good ideas that future entries in the series should incorporate.

Source: Game Spot Mashup