Marvel's Wolverine Will Be Full-Sized And Mature In Tone

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Insomniac has carved out a space for itself in the industry with two excellent Spider-Man games, an upcoming third entry starring Marvel’s wallcrawlers, and a future game based on the most violent member of the X-Men, Wolverine. While that game starring Canada’s finest export won’t be out for a few more years, Insomniac is confirming that it’ll be a full game with a mature tone.

Asked on Twitter if Marvel’s Wolverine will be a full-size game similar in scope to Marvel’s Spider-Man or if it’ll lean closer to the more compact size of the recent Spider-Man: Miles Morales game, creative director Brian Horton responded with a precise and brief tweet:

A Wolverine game that shies away from mature themes wouldn’t do the mutant any justice, but that’s a theme that Insomniac applied to its Spider-Man games through the stories that it told. 2018’s Spider-Man mixed in some surprisingly emotional moments between its action sequences, while Miles Morales had his own set of complex situations to navigate while working to keep New York City safe.

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