Massive Exotic Weapon Tweaks Coming With Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary Update

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The weekly Bungie posts have been hefty leading up to the Bungie 30th Anniversary event, which brings tons of new updates. Just this month, the This Week At Bungie posts have gone over grenade and melee abilities regeneration and Super cooldowns, but another important part of the upcoming update is weapons and mods.

A recent TWAB listed changes coming to weapons in player-vs-environment and player-vs-player modes. In PvE, slug Shotguns will have their damage reduced by 10%, while pellet Shotguns get a 10% increase. Linear Fusion Rifles are the go-to weapon currently for damage against large enemies and bosses because of the Particle Deconstruction mod from the Seasonal artifact. Linear Fusion Rifles will become more powerful with a 10% damage increase in PvE. Bows will do an extra 10% damage against rank-and-file enemies, which are basic red bar enemies. Lastly, Fusion Rifles and Sidearm will have increased projectile speed, and Caster Swords will have a reduced ammo cost of 5 instead of 8.

Exotic Weapons

Changes to Exotic weapons will revitalize older weapons that players rarely use and fine-tune some newer ones. A total of 14 Exotic weapons will see changes, including this season’s Lorentz Driver.

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